Access comprehensive wealth solutions to simplify your finances and help you achieve your goals

Selecting the right wealth management firm is a personal and complicated decision. When it comes to providing for your family, you want a firm that not only offers a wide range of solutions, but also takes the time to get to know you so you can reach your goals. Our approach starts with in-depth conversations to uncover your story so that we can work together to create
a plan that helps you accomplish your goals.

Our highly credentialed specialists are adept at creating solutions. They will explore all appropriate options until you have a plan that aligns with your vision. It all starts with an experienced Wealth Management Advisor who can help guide you to the most appropriate solutions.

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Your Wealth Management Advisor will partner with a Private Banker to assist you with all your private banking needs:

  • Deposit
  • Lending
  • Mortgage
  • Credit Card
Investment Management

Investment Management

We have over 100 highly credentialed analysts, strategists, and portfolio managers, all focused on one goal: developing investment portfolios and strategies that help support your goals. Do you want to travel the world, buy a vacation home, or support a charitable cause?

A Portfolio Manager and a team of investment management professionals will craft your investment program using sophisticated strategies and leading-edge solutions. In addition, your investment portfolio can be carefully monitored and regularly rebalanced to reflect changes in either your circumstances or market conditions.

Investing & Retirement

Investing & Retirement

Wherever you are along your journey, Equity Credit and Finance can help you develop a strategy to invest for retirement.

Everyone has a unique plan for retirement and travels his or her own road to get there. However, these days, most people are responsible for accumulating their own retirement savings so it is critically important to actively plan and invest for retirement. No matter where you are along your path, an experienced Fifth Third Securities Investment Professional can help guide your retirement investment strategy for your personal retirement planning needs.

Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Services

Equity Credit and Finance’s trust and administration services can help you plan for your future, protect your family, and help you pass on your wealth according to your wishes.

Setting up a trust can:

  • Give control of inheritance to your heirs at a date when you feel they can handle assets responsibly
  • Plan for a child who needs special attention
  • Support a charitable cause on an ongoing basis
  • Distribute your assets without burdening your heirs
  • Provide assets for a spouse who is not interested in navigating today’s complex financial markets
  • Offer tax benefits
Estate Settlement

Estate Settlement

Our executors offer impartial estate settlement, helping to alleviate stress for your family and ensure an efficient probate process—helping your family feel comfortable that your estate will be settled professionally and efficiently. As an experienced executor, Equity Credit and Finance can take care of all the necessary tasks, helping your family avoid errors and delays during estate settlement.

Equity Credit and Finance can help manage assets through complicated probate processes. Our estate settlement specialists can navigate the probate process and help ease the burden for your family.



It is our job to make sure that you have the right coverage to help protect your family’s lifestyle, secure your business, and achieve your philanthropic goals.

So, your Wealth Management Advisor will work with a Fifth Third Insurance Specialist to help you choose the right insurance protection.

  • Are you using insurance as part of your estate plan?
  • Do you have the right personal insurance coverage to help protect your family’s lifestyle?
  • Do you need to protect your business?